What is Birth Control Pill? Read More About This Topic

Knowing what is birth control pill can help you know the potential side effects that it has. A woman cannot predict the pregnancy, but she can determine the amount of a medicine that should be taken in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy. There are lots of options of pills that can be chosen from.

Birth control pill is basically medication that contains a small dose of estrogen and progestin. The main role of these pills is to prevent ovulation and to reduce pregnancy. The best time to use these pills is during menstruation and during the pre-menstrual period. Sometimes, the effectiveness of birth control pill varies when a woman is in her monthly cycle.

What is birth control pill? It can work on the body to keep a pregnancy from happening. There are many options of birth control pills that are available nowadays and it’s up to you to choose the right pill for you.

If you’re having regular menstrual periods, you can apply birth control pill during the first week of your period. Then, you can wait until the second week or until your last day of your period. Another way to do it is to apply the pill when you have one basal period or two basal periods. After three basal periods, you will be able to start taking it again.

Besides hormonal birth control pills, there are those with alternative contraceptive methods. There are those that can be applied during menstruation and those that need to be taken without menstruation. Some of these alternatives can be very effective and safe, while some are not.

The contraceptive alternatives that may be safer and more effective than the common method are combined pills. These pills that contain progestin and estrogen could be used during menstruation. One of the risks of using this method is the effects that these hormones can have on the liver.

The estrogen and progestin from combination pills, they could make the liver work less than it can. This method is for a short time and the risk is temporary. However, it can cause some stomach upset and some side effects may include headaches and breast tenderness.

Birth control pill also has no proven risk factors. It is a known fact that women who are overweight, smokers and have a high level of the hormone insulin have higher chances of experiencing hormonal imbalances. Those who are pregnant also have higher risks. So, if you take this pill, it is still possible that your baby can experience some risk.

What is a birth control pill that can be effective for a longer period of time? If the woman is pregnant, the easiest and safest option is the combined pill. If she is not pregnant, an all-natural pill is the most preferred one.

Some of the better brands of pills are the ones that are natural herbal. These pills have ingredients such as the primrose and wild yam. They are natural herbs that are beneficial for a woman.

If a woman experiences uncomfortable side effects from the pills, then she should take another one or ask her doctor to recommend her a more appropriate option. Taking the wrong type of pill can also lead to some complications in pregnancy. Taking the wrong pill could result in lack of an embryo or the implantation of a separate embryo. Other side effects that could occur are: back pain, irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain, vaginal bleeding, vaginal dryness, lack of sexual desire, headaches, irritability, acne, itching, and others.

Sometimes, there are the side effects from the drugs that the woman takes in the same time. When taking drugs together, it will increase the amount of estrogen in the blood. If the woman is taking the wrong type of pill, she can experience various side effects such as weight gain, loss, irregular period, nausea, headache, and other women’s similar side effects.