Is Pilates Good For Weight Loss?

There are lots of questions being asked about Pilates, especially in women who are seeking Pilates studios for their own Pilates workouts. While Pilates can be a great way to exercise, the studio, with its strict rules and stringent regimen, has always been a point of contention among Pilates enthusiasts.

But with the growth of Pilates studios, many of these same skeptics have been won over by the method’s ability to tone and shape the body. While Pilates has been around for many years, it really took off in the 1970s as an exercise for those who were suffering from back pain and other aches and pains. If it wasn’t working for them, it must be working for others.

There have been a number of studies done on the use of Pilates and weight loss and it’s findings tend to support the theory that Pilates can indeed be beneficial in helping to lose weight. Those who have tried Pilates as part of their weight loss regimen report that they have lost an average of 8 pounds and increased their self-confidence and energy levels.

However, because many of the Pilates exercises involved tend to incorporate more stretching and deep breathing than running or jumping, it is not advisable for an overweight person to take up Pilates. Instead, the woman or man who is overweight should be careful about eating more calories than they burn during their Pilates sessions. The exercise can also have a negative effect on a person’s blood sugar levels.

When the Pilates workout involves stretching, both male and female muscles are engaged in the work out, which is not the case with many other exercises. Since muscles are not used to the stretching and deep breathing that they’re used to, the workouts can be strenuous for some people.

Another issue to consider when consideringPilates as part of a weight loss program is that Pilates studios are very strict about their training schedules. It is often possible to find Pilates centers in some cities where one can do Pilates in a fairly relaxed setting.

If a woman is in a very busy career and doesn’t have time to attend classes every day, she can easily set aside a few hours per week to do Pilates. On days when there is no Pilates class, she will be able to spend time doing the Pilates exercises.

For a woman who is trying to lose weight without sacrificing her regular activities, Pilates can be a wonderful workout option. This type of workout can help a woman shed a few pounds and feel better about herself.

One important note to make is that many Pilates instructors caution women that doing Pilates with weights can increase the risks of injury, particularly to the knees and back. Women who are new to Pilates should consult with a doctor before beginning the Pilates program.

If a woman is trying to lose weight, and does not have the time to visit a Pilates studio, she can also find pilates on the internet. There are a number of sites that offer Pilates videos and instructions for a beginner.

It is not unusual for a woman to want to switch to a Pilates weight loss plan and not have a clue about the difference between Pilates and a traditional form of exercise. A studio can be an excellent resource for any woman interested in Pilates and trying to lose weight.

Pilates is a well known form of exercise that has helped millions of women maintain their fitness and confidence. If a woman has lost a significant amount of weight and wants to keep it off, or needs to find a way to get into shape while enjoying her daily activities, she should give Pilates a try.