How To Break Weight Loss Plateau

Do you want to know how to break weight loss plateau? If you have reached your desired weight then most likely you will plateau because you are not losing weight fast enough. This happens to most people especially when they are dieting or trying to build muscle. You see when you are dieting you can expect to lose water weight, muscle mass and a few pounds depending on the diet that you are doing.

When you are dieting you are actually slowing down the process of your metabolism. Your body will not burn as many calories as it used to do. So you see when this happens your metabolism slows down and you will start to slowly lose weight. So what should you do to keep yourself from reaching this dreaded “weight loss plateau”?

First of all you need to go back to the basics of dieting. Yes this means that you need to take things in moderation. Be careful though as once you over do it your weight loss plateau will follow. You will need to be careful so that you don’t crash right away.

When you are dieting you want to be taking in lots of protein. Protein is what your body needs to build muscle. It also helps to control your metabolism. The problem is that many people tend to eat more protein than needed. You need to be certain that you are eating enough protein. I am going to tell you how to break weight loss plateau by creating a diet plan that gets you the most protein.

One thing that you must do is make sure that you get lean protein. That means you need to get lean cuts of meat and poultry. Avoid red meats at all costs. Also make sure you get fish, eggs, nuts and other items that are high in protein.

Now get plenty of greens. Eat them raw as much as possible. They are packed with nutrition. They will keep you feeling full for a long time. Eat plenty of them and you won’t feel hungry very often.

Make sure you are getting enough carbs. This will help you to feel full. Your body will not store carbohydrates if it does not need them. Make sure you have enough in your diet to give you that energy you need.

Now when you are following this diet you will want to work hard. You will get tired and sluggish at times. Don’t get discouraged though as this is a normal thing. Just find something to cheer up you will soon be on your way to a healthier you.

Avoid sweets and don’t eat them unless you really need them. If you do eat them choose some healthy fruits. Berries, grapes and apples are good to eat. If you have trouble eating fruit then stick with a snack.

There are plenty of foods you can eat during your diet to give you that extra boost. You can eat any kind of protein you want. Some of the protein shakes you find at the health stores are good. You can also eat potatoes and rice. All of these are great sources of protein.

As for carbs you can eat them as much or as little as you want. Whole wheat pasta is a good choice. You can choose complex or simple carbohydrates. They all have their own benefits so choose the ones you think you will benefit from the most. Eating lots of fiber will also help you lose weight.

Take a walk outside and get out of the house. Make it a couple of miles each day. Turn it into a workout by lifting some weights or swinging a golf club. You will feel better after just one time.